Elder Brothers & Sisters

Share your experience with those that started right where you are. Use it to your advantage and enjoy becoming part of the Ingenio community.

Elder Brothers & Sisters

The EB&S program is part of an active community of constant learning, exchange and empowerment amongst entrepreneurs, whose projects have been incubated at Ingenio. These entrepreneurs recognize the value of gained experience and wish to keep these connections alive and give back part of the acquired value to the entreoreneurial ecosystem.

Some of the objectives of the program are creating ties and reinforcing old ones to strenghten and improve sinergy amongst all its participants. The purpose is to craft new business oportunities, associate with relevant actors, assist the search of investors, promote networking, articulate programs of interest, among others.

Some of the planned activities are:

· Workshops, talks, meetups

· One on one meetings according to needs and thematic areas of interest

· Visits to companies of the ecosystem

· Trips

· Leisure and recreation days